Baden-Württemberg International Corvette Club

A Corvette Club adventures in Europe

Video's & Photo's From The Track

From 'Tourist Driving' (where Europe's race tracks open for anyone to come out and drive), to 'Closed Sessions' (where you are invited to participate in some track time), to 'Racing' (Amateur races, full racing suits and gear), to 'Training' and even 'Parade Laps' we get out on the race track as often as possible.

Note that some of the video's are very large, over 100 Meg!

The Nordschleife, Nürburgring in Germany:

Racer X's first ever run on the Nordschleife (2009)


The Hockenheimring in Germany:

Cars on the track; Racer X does some late evening driving

Armed Forces Network (Military TV Station) visits members of BWICC on the track

The Circuit Zolder in Belgium:

Racer X breaking the sound limit (80dB limit, I was finally tagged at 117dB), and after two warnings (which they never gave!) gets 'Black Flagged'

The 24 Hours of Le Mans Race:

Every year since 2003 we have headed out to Le Mans, France to watch Corvette race in the famous '24 Hours of Le Mans' race.  Here is their 2005 1st and 2nd place finish for the GT2 Class

And every year some of our members get to head out for a 'Parade Lap' on the track, normally about 3 hours before the race starts!  It's great running thru the Start/Finish line, grandstands filled with people and TV camera's rolling