Baden-Württemberg International Corvette Club

A Corvette Club adventures in Europe

~ Celebrating 10 Years Of Fun In Europe! 18 June 2001 - 18 June 2011 ~

About our club

Our club consists mostly of members from cities in Germany.  While most members live in the Heidelberg area, we have members in cities like Kaiserslautern, Stuttgart and Vilseck, along with members in Sweden, Russia, Australia and the USA.

We enjoy participating in many of the car shows throughout Europe, delighting in seeing the joy and awe on the faces of visitors.  Some members live to spend time on the race track, competing against Porsche's, Ferrari's, Vipers and others.  And other members just enjoy getting together with others to talk about Corvettes over lunch or while on one of our many trips around Europe.

Our club does not collect dues or fees, we do not have a "President", "Treasurer" or any other office.  We are just a bunch of men AND women who enjoy getting together for fun!

If you live in or are planning on passing thru Germany and love Corvette's, drop us a line!